The Impossible Project invites in the ideas that never got off the ground. 
Projects that were imagined but never became more than a sketch, an outline or model. 
Projects begun but never realised. They were too expensive; too impractical; politically ill timed or unfashionable. Perhaps they simply landed in the wrong place or time; or fell on deaf ears.
The Impossible Project is a floating island of unrealised imagination, where ideas collected from a selection of artists, performers and creative producers connect with a new imagination:- that of an unwitting public now privy to ideas never before made public.
It is, most simply, a celebration of the imagination and talent of the artist.    It marks out that the projects that reach the public sphere are only a small portion of what is created.  It recognises that if all ideas became reality it might just mean we don't have enough ideas.  And, it recognises the challenge of change.  
A good idea in the wrong time or place might become 'impossible' but no matter, it is still much better than no idea.
The Impossible Project imagines a utopia for the imagination.