Project: eats meets west
Year the project commenced: 2011
Year it became impossible: 2014
Class was a central theme in this work and, depending on their ‘price-point’, audiences would experienced it in one of two ways.  The ‘premier’ audience would be indulge in a multi-course set meal as they experienced various scenes being performed around them. The ‘second class’ audience would have to go without a meal and would be seated outside the action teetering on milk crates on the footpath and viewing only through the window but with headsets to listen into the private conversations taking place within.  

A cross between a real dining experience, homage to theatre restaurant antics and a biting contemporary drama to examine the complex intersection between food, culture and class, Eats Meets West was to be a unique theatrical experience. The audience, whilst indulging in a gastronomical experience, would encounter culturally diverse performers who inhabit the restaurant and play out a variety of characters and scenarios.  Some staff and some as ‘diners’ planted within the audience would further blur the boundaries for an audience about what is real and what is constructed.
Artist: susie dee
Collaborators: Patricia Cornelius (writer)
Nicci Wilks, Angus Cerini, Hai Ha Lee, Amanda Ma, Ananth Gopal,David Joseph

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