Project: The Kidney, concept design
Year the project commenced: 2015
Year it became impossible: 2016
“The Kidney is a portable art installation that combines sound art, video art, and street-styles and places the participant as the star of the performance. 
The Kidney is a portable wooden skate bowl in the shape of a kidney and an intimate performance venue that places local participants as the stars of the show. Street-style artists interact with this large acoustic device that is rigged with sensors and sound capturing microphones. The signal is simultaneously manipulated and amplified through a p.a., as is the live video feed that is manipulated and streamed to monitors and online.
The installation incorporates 12 monitors with live capturing and projection throughout the performance. Cameras are rigged throughout the installation with different angle options, including one above and one mounted on the participants.
The Installation can be moved to different sites and will take a day to setup and be operational.”
Lee Wilson, 2015
Artist: Branch Nebula

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