Project: YOu and Me and them
Year the project commenced: 2010
Year it became impossible: 2011
Collage and site images: Ben Kazacos
By using herself as a case study Renae will share her personal connections with passersby in a public thoroughfare.  It is an attempt to demonstrate how each individual is not an individual but an assortment of connections.  While, in reality, we stay silent, we are at every moment inter-related.
A solo live art installation which incorporates sound, text, movement and video art.
Renae will respond to set trigger points which are activated by the spectators. These trigger points will include the participants movement, appearance, decibels in their voice and their relationships with one another.
Responses may be:
Example: An elaborate journey exploring the possible contents of a briefcase incorporating a filmic soundtrack and a projected forest which must be physically negotiated.
Example: Reminded of the lists her grandfather used to make Renae instructs a passersby how to write a list, “ the small 1cm by 1cm square box in the left margin is designed purely for the satisfaction of ticking it once the task is complete”. 
Example: A mobile phone ringtone causes a physical response expressed through a angular and quite aggressive movement phrase. This is accompanied by a classical ballade and ends with a calm resolved movement focused on the breath.
Artist: RenaE shadler

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