Project: les and clare industries (including holes by Les)
Year the project commenced: 2014
Year it became impossible: it is impossible in an ongoing way
"Les (my son) came to me one morning while I was still in bed with a business proposition. He’d drawn up a plan for a website called Les and Clare industries and was thinking that we could make stuff for people in our shed as a way of fund raising for Siberian tigers. Les had been digging a hole in our back yard over a couple of months. It had got quite big, but harmless really and he just loved heading out to the hole, so Matt and I let him go with it. I was tiring of the hole (it was captured on google earth with a tarp inside it and was mistaken by an overseas visitor for a swimming pool). When I looked over the website plan I saw that holes and impermanent structures were on the list of things we did. I said, look, I’m in, but I don’t want to have anything to do with the holes. I made the website (with a separate section called holes by Les).  Things have changed now- the original hole is a vege patch, we’ve finished a tent we made for our nephew (it took 5 years) and a few weeks ago an artist we know bought one of Les' holes. The website has now lapsed so it’s firmly in the ether".Clare Britton, 2018.

Artist: Clare Britton and les
collaborators: Les Prest.
top photograph by Matt Prest, all others by Clare.

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