Project: me time
Year the project commenced: 2006
Year it became impossible: 2006
"Me Time was a two-hander play set in a Bangkok Spa. 
We conceived a design that was inspired by a traditional cock-fighting ring. A raised stone circle filled with packed dirt encased by a claustrophobic auditorium. Our plan was to replace the ring with a circular spa tub that we would enter through an underwater tunnel like a pair of mermaids, surface, act out the play then submerge back down the tunnel. 
The audience would sweat it out with us on 360 degree curved wooden benches overlooking the tub. The costing came out at a prohibitive $80,000 dollars. 
We remade the show in a free standing conventional domestic bath with no water and performed it in a disappointing end-on arrangement."  David Woods, 2019.
Collaborators: DAVID WOODS (Co Artistic Director), Sarah Greentree (Producer), Adam Gardinir (Design Development), Jonathan Haynes (Co Artistic Director)

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