Year the project commenced: 2012
Year it became impossible: 2014
"While population, multi‐faith and secular societies such as ours are understandably cautious about emphasising only the Christian aspects of this season. This has led to the adoption of a range of symbols and imagery that have become generalised, thereby losing most of their potency and relevance to our broad population.
My approach is aimed at introducing a new element to the Christmas mix, which has relevance to both secular and multi‐faith communities, engaging them more directly with the spirit of generosity and celebration that is universally applicable at this time.
Angels connect to every religion and culture. Angels are inclusive, not one person is excluded from embracing the concept of Angels. Angels feature in Christianity,Islam, Baha’ai, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Mormonism, Judaism, Hinduism, New Age Thinking and more. Although Angels per se do not appear within our Aboriginal cultures they do have ‘spirits’ that play a similar role." Eamon D'Arcy, 2014
" It’s an ‘impossible project’ because it challenges (and eventually replaces) notions of Christmas - one of our most enduring (but yet unchallenged) rituals".Eamon D'Arcy, 2018.


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