Project: gone with the wind ii
Year the project commenced: 1988
Year it became impossible: 1991 (When someone else got in first and published a sequel)
Kate is a prolific and respected writer and performer for stage and screen whose description of her favourite "project that never got off the ground" follows:-
"It’s my attempt - at age 11 - to write Gone With the Wind II.
I wrote it as a little girl, growing up on the west coast of Australia, in a small town where the main business was mining, farming and fishing. I had became obsessed with 'Gone With the Wind' and was utterly devastated that Rhett left Scarlett at the end of the book. I needed this situation rectified, so I took matters into my own hands.
I saved up, bought a typewriter, and sat down to write my masterpiece. I had dreams of becoming the new “Margaret Mitchell”...
I lasted 4 hours. I wrote one page. This page. Then I went crayfishing. 

It now sits framed in my office. An eternal reminder of my hope and failure. 
I love it."  Kate Mulvany, 2019. 

Artist:kate mulvany

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