Project: this melting world
Year the project commenced: 2019
Year it became impossible: 2019
"I recently did a workshop with first nations Canadian mob -  We all share similar stories of family, sadness, beauty and strength through culture… We ended up talking about ice and snow and living in this environment. It made me think how climate change, is changing their entire world… It also made me think about how, as a society we ignore the knowledge of first nation people globally, in terms of land care management and culturally system that have supported people for millennia.
It made me think about a shattered piece of ice suspended in the air - floating - and a young woman - a mother, standing upon it. She is waiting for her husband to return from hunting, she is singing a traditional song and juggling rocks (a tradition whilst waiting and a traditional game). A man walks out with a blow torch ignites it and begins to throw flames at the ice. He is followed out by chorus of on lookers who surround the melting ice berg, they watch and do nothing, some turn their backs…
I haven’t resolved what happens next. I don’t know if it should end with despair, hope or truth.
But what I love, is the image of her surrounded by people - yet helpless, the sound of her singing, the cracking of ice by the flame and the danger that at any moment it could all be destroyed." Jacob Nash, 2019
Artist: Jake nash

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